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Novotel Atlantis Shanghai
In the heart of Shanghai Pudong in the financial centre of Shanghai, The Novotel Atlantis Shanghai Hotel is close to the Shanghai Exhibition Centre and to Yangpu Bridge connecting it to Shanghai Puxi. ...
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The Eversunshine Hotel situated on the crossroads of South Pudong Road and West Wei Fang road, in Shanghai Pudong Lu Jiazui Financial Trade Zone, near Nextage Business Centre, the Shanghai International Expo Centre and Longyang Road Maglev. ...
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Shanghai Pudong

Shanghai Pudong is located on the other side of the Huangpu River across from Shanghai Puxi. While Puxi has traditional building Shanghai Pudong has incredibly sculptured towers that reach the skyline.

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Some of the buildings in Shanghai Pudong are very surreal such as the waiting room at the International Airport which is built like a bird. Shanghai Pudong has two of China's tallest towers that of Jin Mao Tower and The Oriental Pearl TV Tower. The Oriental Pearl TV Tower has double-decker elevators that travel up and down the tower with up to 50 people at a time taking 7 meters per second. There are umpteen spheres within the tower and columns that hold places of interest, recreation and commerce. The Shanghai Municipal History museum is housed within the base while from another of the spheres the visitor can see all the way to the Yangtze River. There is a hotel as well as restaurants and shops, and a sightseeing floor. Shanghai Pudong has the most incredible trains; they are probably the fastest in the world with a top speed of 431 kilometres per hour. The train runs from Longyang Road Station in Shanghai Pudong to Pudong International Airport, the total length of the track is only about thirty kilometres and takes about eight minutes for the whole journey. This has to have a wow factor for any train enthusiast. Shanghai's Pudong is a cornucopia of cultural and entertainment facilities. Beside the Oriental Pearl TV Tower with its countless shops and facilities etc, there are many other things to delight and fascinate the visitor, the Ocean Aquarium being one, others are the Orient Art Centre, Pudong Exhibition Centre, Pudong's Children's Palace these are but a few. Shanghai Pudong is a mixture of oriental and western, modern and traditional, trendy and pop as well as the more classical and folk culture. Just as Shanghai Puxi has its areas where one can go shopping Pudong also has streets and shopping malls to suit all, the Super Brand Mall which has become the largest most modern shopping centre in East China is such a place. Shanghai Pudong with all its vast and extraordinary architecture is still a fabulously green district which prides in its gardens and open spaces. To get to across the Huangpu River to either Puxi or Pudong one can travel by the magnificent bridges over the river or by the tunnels that are under the river.

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