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Tunisia is a North African country bordered by Libya, Algeria and the Mediterranean Sea. Almost half of the country is covered by the Sahara Desert.
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Hotels in TUNISIA

Dilos Holiday World offers a wide selection of hotels in Tunisia, from the capital Tunis to several beach resorts. Prices shown are fully inclusive of all taxes and services. Easy payment plans are available for early reservations.

Sahara Desert, Tunisia
Sahara Desert, Tunisia

If your trip takes you to more parts of Tunisia please remember that Dilos Holiday World can book all your accommodation in Tunisia offering best discounted rates on Tunisia hotels.

Ain Draham Hotels [1]

Ain Draham is a mountain retreat on the North of Tunisia. At a height of 1000 meters above sea level, surrounded by green nature it makes a significant difference from what we are used to think of Tunisia desert. Read more about Ain Draham

Port el Kantaoui Hotels [17]

Purpose built Port el Kantaoui, around the marina, at 9 kms north of Sousse is one of the most popular holiday destinations on the east Mediterranean coast of Tunisia. Read more about Port el Kantaoui

Djerba Hotels [41]

Djerba is a beautiful island off the east coast of south Tunisia on the Mediterranean sea in the Gulf of Gabes. Houmt Souk is the capital of Djerba with a population around 60 000. Read more about Djerba

Sangho Hotels [7]

Sangho is a location 12 kms north of Zarzis on the road from Djerba to Zarzis. A sandy beach and several hotels make up Sangho. Nearest facilities are at Zarzis. Read more about Sangho

Douz Hotels [4]

Douz in central Tunisia is for many the gateway to Sahara Desert. A large town, mostly visited by people wishing to have a close encounter with the desert and the Sahara Festival. Read more about Douz

Sfax Hotels [3]

Sfax is a busy city on the east Mediterranean coast of Tunisia, second in population, with almost 400 000 inhabitants. Sfax is not a tourist destination but a typical Tunisian city where life develops around its port, the industry and the University.

Gammarth Hotels [6]

Gammarth is a seaside resort in the Carthage Coast region of Tunisia, featuring sophisticated resorts, approximatelly 20 kms east of the capital Tunis, surrounded by dense forest alongside superb sandy beaches.

Sidi Bou Said Hotels [1]

Sidi Bou Said, situated on a headland overlooking the Mediterranean, close to the Tunisian capital Tunis, is an attractive, Mediterranean style village of blue and white stepped buildings.

Hammamet Hotels [51]

Hammamet is a town of 20 000 people on the Mediterranean coast of East Tunisia, the largest tourist resort, popular destination all year round for families and couples for sunbathing on spotless beaches and swiming in crystal clear water. Read more about Hammamet

Sousse Hotels [16]

Sousse, in the center of the eastern Mediterranean coast, is a leading beach resort in Tunisia. Wide choice of quality beach front hotels, good and affordable restaurants and endless shopping possibilities make Sousse an atractive holiday destination. Read more about Sousse

Kairouan Hotels [1]

Kairouan in central Tunisia is one of the most important cities in the islamic world with the Mosque de Sidi Oqba the most important of all. Beyond doubt, kairouan is one of the most important places to visit in Tunisia. Read more about Kairouan

Tabarka Hotels [5]

Tabarka is a resort town on the north coast of Tunisia along the Mediterranean Sea that sterted to develop in the 1980s. Nestled beneath the Kroumirie Mountains, Tabarka is a charming sea side town, offering a long, unspoilt stretch of sandy beach. Read more about Tabarka

La Marsa Hotels [4]

La Marsa is the upmarket beach front resort on the Bay of Tunis with a palm tree lined cornish and a sandy beach, popular weekend retreat for Tunis residents.

Tozeur Hotels [7]

Tozeur is an ancient place if you consider that it has been inhabited since at least 8000 BC, around the oasis, on the northern shore of the great salt lake of Chott el Jerid in central Tunisia. Read more about Tozeur

Mahdia Hotels [6]

Mahdia was the old capital in the times of the Fatimid Dynasty but today lives a quiet life around its fishing port and the tourism industry, on the Mediterranean coast of Tunisia. Read more about Mahdia

Tunis Hotels [7]

Monastir Hotels [11]

Zarzis Hotels [1]

Zarzis in southern Tunisia is a small coastal town with a sandy beach at 3 kms to the north in Sangho which has become the tourist zone of Zarzis. Read more about Zarzis

Nabeul Hotels [1]

Nabeul is a popular sea side town with a population in excess of 50 000, on the North East part of Tunisia, along the Mediterranean coast. Popular tourism destination and a pottery manufacturing center, draws its name from the Greek "Neapolis" (New Town).

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