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Oman, officially The Sultanate of Oman, is a country in the south western part of Asia, on the southeast coast of the Arabian Peninsula. Oman borders the United Arab Emirates in the northwest, Saudi Arabia in the west and Yemen.
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Hotels in OMAN

Dilos Holiday World presents a selection of hotels in main cities and town arount the Sultanate of Oman. Hotels in Muscat, in Nizwa, in Salalah and more can be booked instantly on line at very competitive rates.


Hospitality is very much a part of the Omani tradition. You will always be greeted warmly, in fact if you stop to ask for directions while exploring the countryside you will almost certainly be invited in for kahwa (Omani coffee) and dates.

Barka Hotels [1]

Barka is one of the historic cities on the coast of Oman which flourished during the Ya'aruba and the Bu Said dynasties. Barka was an area of export and received produce from the neighbouring areas to ship to India, Basra and East Africa. Read more about Barka

Ras al Hadd Hotels [1]

Ras al Hadd is a village in the Al Shargiyah district considered the last point in the East of Oman, facing the Gulf of Oman and Arabian Sea. Read more about Ras al Hadd

Ibra Hotels [1]

Salalah Hotels [8]

Salalah in southern Oman, the capital of Dhofar, a traditional stronghold and birthplace of the Sultan, Qaboos bin Said, has a unique charm with its coconut groves and banana plantations growing right to the water's edge. Read more about Salalah

Khasab Hotels [1]

Khasab is located in the northern part of Oman, just on the north of the United Arab Emirates. Read more about Khasab

Sohar Hotels [4]

The coastal city of Sohar, once an important Islamic port and the largest town in Oman, is lying along the shores of the Arabian Sea on the east part of Oman. Read more about Sohar

Muscat Hotels [21]

Muscat is the historical capital of Oman, which is bordered by the Gulf of Oman and the Arabian Sea in the south-eastern quarter of the Arabian Peninsula. Read more about Muscat

Sur Hotels [2]

Sur is a fishermen's town on the east coast of Oman. In the past it has been well known for its Dhow building and was Oman's main centre of trade with East-Africa. Dhows (Arabian sailing ship) are still being built in Sur today. Read more about Sur

Nizwa Hotels [3]

Nizwa used to be the centre for religious Islamic learning at the Old Central Mosque and is still known by many old Nizwa people as the Jaama. Read more about Nizwa

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