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Centrally located, in front of the railway station and Air Terminal, it is only a short walk to the city centre and the shops....
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Set in the city of Basel, the centre of the pharmaceutical industry and the site of major trade fairs this charming hotel is situated opposite the railway station, near the city centre and close to the Motorway roads of Switzerland, Germany and Franc...
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Basel is the capital of Basel-Stadt and is Switzerland's third most populous city.

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Located in north-west Switzerland on the river Rhine, Basel functions as a major industrial centre for the chemical and pharmaceutical industry.

The city borders both Germany and France and has Switzerland's only cargo port, through which goods pass along the navigable stretches of the Rhine.

The Swiss chemical industry operates largely from Basel, with Novartis, Clariant, Ciba and Hoffmann-La Roche headquartered there. Pharmaceuticals and specialty chemicals have become the modern focus of the city's industrial production.

Numerous major Swiss banks maintain central offices in Basel, giving finance a pivotal role in the local economy. The importance of banking began when the Bank for International Settlements located within the city in 1930.

The Romanesque Munster, with its two (uneven) towers forms an architectural monument which survived medieval earthquake. The Tomb of Erasmus lies inside the Munster. Basel also has Switzerland's tallest building, Basler Messeturm.

Basel hosts Switzerland's oldest university, the University of Basel, dating from 1459. Erasmus, Paracelsus, Daniel Bernoulli, Leonhard Euler and Friedrich Nietzsche worked here. More recently, its work in tropical medicine has gained prominence.

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