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The State of Ceara was the first province of the Empire to abolish slavery in 1884, five years before the remaining parts of Brazil, and, for this reason, it is known as the abolition land.

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Beach in Ceara

Ceara state represents the third greatest economy of the Brazilian Northeast Region.

Ceara capital, Fortaleza, has a modern architectural profile and represents an important tourism center.

After centuries of an essentially agricultural economy, Ceara has experienced an industrial development boom. The state's clothing manufacture center is the second largest in the national ranking in terms of production and export. The industrialization is also present in the production of shoes, furniture, food sector, mining, as well as in editorial, printing and metallurgic areas.

As a land of caboclos, descendants of the miscegenation involving native, black and Portuguese people, the State of Ceara is also one of the largest cultural centers of Brazil, marked by popular religiosity and the presence of its intellectuals in the national literature and art segments. It is the birthplace of writers, such as Jose de Alencar, one of the greatest novelists of Brazilian literature Indianism; and Rachel de Queiroz, of the most significant writers of regionalist novels.

With sunshine and hot weather all the year, and mild temperature at night, the State of Ceara has a diversified ecosystem made up of areas that include caatinga, Atlantic Forest, savannah and marshland. Following the industrial development, the tourism is the segment that has shown the highest rates of development there in the last decades.

The City of Fortaleza receives an average of 500 thousand tourists every year, who are mostly attracted by the dazzling 576 km of its coast, comprising 87 beaches and large areas of dunes.

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