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Parana located on the South Region of Brazil, has five natural zones: the Coastline, the Serra do Mar (Sea Forest), The First, The Second and the Third Plateaus, all with pleasant surprises.

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Iguazu falls, Iguazu, Parana, Brazil: Dilos Holiday World

Nature and history on the coastline; progress and humanism on its capital; mystery and tranquility on Vila Velha; agro industrial expansion on the North and Southeast; the exciting falls and the gigantism of Itaipu, on Foz do Iguacu.

The conventions centers on Curitiba, Foz do Iguacu and the Conventions Bureaux on these cities and on Londrina definitely mark the entry of Parana on the area of congresses and conventions.

On the coastline, the Paranagua bay is one of the most important on the South of Brazil, detaching the Paranagua and Antonina ports.

Climate is divided in two types: the tropical on the North, the West and the Coastline have average temperatures of 22 C, and the subtropical or temperate on the regions of Center-South, with average temperatures of 22 C and 10 C.

The estimated population of 9.5 million inhabitants consists mainly of descendents of diverse ethnical groups like: Polish, Italian, German, Ukrainian, Dutch, Spanish and Japanese that lived here, together with the Indian, the Portuguese and the Black people, the three basic elements that formed the local people and culture, what make Parana be known as "Land of Every People".

The main cities of the region are Curitiba, Londrina, Cascavel, Ponta Grossa, Maringa, Guarapuava and Foz do Iguacu. Parana is responsible for a large part of the total Brazilian seeds production, and its main products are wheat, corn, cotton, oatmeal, soy bean, potato, manioc, sugar cane and the mate herb. Besides the rog raising, aviculture and cattle raising, on the industry detach the agro industry, the food industry, fertilizers, cement, electroeletronics and the metalmecanics.

Parana is one of the most important exporter States on the country. It currently produces a large part of Brazil's electricity and the major power stations are Itaipu, on the Parana River, and Foz do Areia, Salto Santiago, Governador Ney Braga, Salto Osorio and Salto Caxias on the Iguacu River.

The road system has an extension of 2,240 km, connecting the main productive regions of North and the Middle West to the capital and the maritime terminal of Paranagua. The Anel de Integracao (Interconnection Ring) has 2,409 km of modern roads, besides the basic system of asphalted roads with the extension of 16,161 km, connecting the main production zones to the port and to other consuming centers on the country and on Mercosul, one of the most important blocks of the current economy.

The diversity of landscapes, the fertility of the earth, the uses, costumes and the characteristics of the local people make Parana a singular State and put it in a privileged situation on the national scenery.

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