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Sauipe Fun Resort Hotel, Costa Do Sauipe
Sauipe Fun Resort Hotel amidst the beautiful natural landscapes of the Linha Verde, in Costa do Sauipe, Bahia, Brazil. An opulent 5 star Costa do Sauipe hotel in the hub of the fully preserved ecosystem of Costa do Sauipe. ...
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Sauipe Club Hotel, Costa Do Sauipe
Sauipe Club Hotel on Sauipe Beach, in Costa Do Sauipe, Bahia, Brazil. A superb 5 star Costa Do Sauipe hotel for singles, couples or families a place where children under 16 are not only welcome but also celebrated. ...
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Costa Do Sauipe

Costa do Sauipe is a well-structured, private, tourist complex in Brazil located along the coast of Bahia and includes six pleasant inns and five large, high standard hotels managed by international chains.

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Golf in Costa Do Sauipe, Bahia, Brazil

The sport infrastructure is very diverse and includes professional tennis courts, a gold course and a nautical center. It also has areas geared towards the carrying out of large scale events and conventions. Known for its exuberant nature, the Costa do Sauipe located in an environmental protection area (EPA) offers Ecological excursions to the woods, the rivers and the beaches, for the tourists to get to know the natural beauties. Vila Nova da Praia is an attraction all in itself on the Costa do Sauipe. Its architecture reproduces the typical villages of the state of Bahia on the facades of houses, shops and restaurants. It is possible to learn more about Bahia art and folklore in the musical shows, dances, plastic art exhibits and arts and crafts workshops held there. Food is never a problem in Vila: women selling local delicacies such as beijus (tapioca sweets) and acarajes (spicy bean cakes), restaurants and small bars with their tables on the sidewalks compete for the visitors attention. For those who like to buy souvenirs, there are several shops offering from art and craft products to sophisticated jewelry. If needed, there are tents available for the tourist to have massages or even have his/her Tarot cards read.

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