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Located on Ritan Road in Chaoyang District, The Sunjoy Hotel in Beijing is adjacent to Chang’an Avenue, Beijing’s diplomatic area, Beijing Capital Airport is a 40 minute drive away and Beijing Railway Station is about a 20 minute walk. ...
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Ideally located in the centre of Beijing The Shatan Hotel is adjacent to Jingshan Park, close to the Imperial Palace, approximately 1500m to Tiananmen Square and Beihai Park and about 10 minutes by car to the China Art Gallery and Wangfujing Street. ...
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Beijing literally means Northern Capital; it became the capital of China sometime in the 1400’s in the Ming Dynasty, as the Emperor took residence there. Beijing is a great city with its palaces, museums and parks.

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Beijing as the capital of the People’s Republic of China is the hub of the nation’s political, cultural, economic, educational as well as today being the centre for international trade and communications.

Beijing’s past history is full of intrigue, romance, conspiracy and revolution. The Ming and Qing Dynasty’s were instrumental with Kublai Khan in making Beijing the incredible place it is today. Kublai Khan build the city within symmetrical lines giving it an orderliness not seen before. Marco Polo who visited Beijing wrote about the palaces that "the building is altogether so vast, so rich and so beautiful, that no man on earth could design anything superior to it".

Visiting the city of Beijing the visitor will be astounded at the beauty of the many palaces and parks such as that of the oldest and largest of them the Beihai Park which is naturally graceful and lies to the northwest of the Palace Museum. The Forbidden City now known as the Palace Museum was formerly the home for the Emperor of the Ming Dynasty and his royal family, concubines, eunuchs and servants and was known as "a city within a city".

To the west of The Forbidden City is a large park with lakes, it is walled and today it is the residential compound of China’s leaders. To the east of the Forbidden City is the Museum of Chin’s History and Revolution, while in the centre there is the Monument of the Heroes of the People and the tomb of Mao Zedong, who established the Communist form of government in China in 1949. South of the Forbidden City is Tiananmen Square, the sight for large celebrations and rallies.

Beijing has also other museums that are worth a visit, there are many theatres, which include the Capital Theatre and the Peoples Theatre. If you would like to listen to some music visit the Beijing Concert Hall.

Beijing is a busy transport centre, with roads and motorways passing through the city as well as many railways, besides being the focal point for international flights to China.

The city is plagued by seasonal dust storms that drift every day from the eroding deserts on the northern and northwest of the city. China afforestation policy since the 1980’s has seen over 42 billion trees being planted during 1982-2003, the policy is that each adult over 11 should plant 4-5 trees a year, this will not only help with the environment but may also help the eroding deserts.

Beijing is the centre for the 2008 Olympic Games.

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