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Central Greece
One of the most mountainous districts of the country, Central Greece lies in the heart of the mainland, home to the Oracle of Delphi, Theves, Mount Elikon and Parnassos.
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Hotels in Central Greece


Occupying the western portion of Central Greece, the prefecture of Aitoloakarnania combines beauty of both the sea and the mountains. Read more about AITOLOAKARNANIA

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FOKIDA Hotels [16]

The green prefecture of Fokida (Phocis), full of olive groves as well as small beaches, attracts a large number of tourists almost all year round. Read more about FOKIDA

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EVIA Hotels [11]

Evia is the island with the abundance of colour from the wild flowers and the forests, the mountain springs and the deep gorges with water falls. Read more about EVIA

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FTHIOTIDA Hotels [2]

A land of towering mountains and beautiful beaches, the prefecture of Fthiotida (Phthiotis) has all the prerequisites for a delightful holiday all year round. Read more about FTHIOTIDA

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EVRITANIA Hotels [3]

Bewitching scenery and an invigorating climate are the main features of Evritania prefecture. Read more about EVRITANIA

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VIOTIA Hotels [1]

Lying adjacent to Attica, Viotia is equally enjoyable winter and summer. The shores of the Euboean (Evoikos) and Corinthian (Korinthiakos) gulfs, the ski centre at Parnassos, the wealth of archaeological sites at Orhornenos, Chaironia and Plataiai Read more about VIOTIA

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